Monday, October 15, 2012

Project : bathroom refresh

When Trevor and I first began our relationship, we lived in a condo my mom owned in Florida. We had all the freedom in the world to decorate, paint, and accessorize as if it was our own. Fun, right? Not so much when painting a caribbean-blue kitchen back to builder's beige.

Seriously, what were we thinking? Last time I match wall color to my eyes.
Now, we're renting from mom again, and have the same aesthetic liberty. Thankfully, we're older, wiser, and much more tasteful than we were before. The house is in great shape, and is the exact light-remodel we were looking for during our purchasing debacle last year. Blonde pergo floors, new paint, new carpeting, new widows. Just needs some paint and character to make it feel like home!

First up on the list is the main bath. It's a 1999-2000 time capsule, complete with bright brass fixtures Emily Henderson wouldn't even approve of, and a hexagon sink. We don't have a ton on money to spend, so spray paint will be our best friend and take care of brassy knobs and handles.

Here's what we're working with :

Sorry about the bad iPhone pics - you're going to need to get over that quick. I have a point and shoot, but rarely find myself inspired AND prepared at the same time. 

Anyway. We don't have a ton of money to spend (who does) but this room desperately needs a facelift. As the main bathroom in the house, it needs to be fun and whimsical to appeal to our daughter, but not too childish. Can't have our guest wiping their butts to a sing-a-long toilet paper dispenser. Here's the game plan:

1. Leave chair rail, but replace wallpaper with a more fresh and sophisticated pattern
2. Refinish forest green countertop
3. Paint brass fixtures with oil-rubbed bronze spray paint
4. Replace light fixture
5. Rip out shower enclosure. Ick. 
6. Refinish tub and surround
7. Thrift/DIY bathroom appropriate art.

Stay tuned. I've been pinning like a mad woman, follow me for inspiration sneak peeks. 

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