Friday, June 8, 2012

Mad Men inspired

So, here's my problem. I avoided watching Mad Men, knowing that I'd fall in love with the style, the era, and the advertising. However, I broke down and had Trevor download the past seasons. True to form, I started the series 4 days ago, and I'm already into Season 3. 

What do you want from me? I'm OBSESSED. I mean, I dream about Don and Pete, and imagine myself to be a bit like Peggy - a motivated girl who got into her position by merit and experience, rather than a college degree. 

True to form (this is from the girl who was depressed for a week after I finished reading Revolutionary Road) I've found myself styling my life after Mad Men. Case in point, my darling fiance's wedding outfit (instagrammed for your viewing pleasure):

The next thing is to take up chain smoking and cocktails at the office. That can wait for next week. 

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