Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Napa Valley Casual

A few key decisions have been made regarding the wedding in the past week: Maid of Honor, Best Man, general location (Napa, duh), date, general-look-and-feel. Trevor and I have also been talking about the attire - my family is from Napa, but not super fancy pants; Trevor's family is even more casual - we want everyone to feel as comfortable and welcomed as possible. The "dress code" (if you will) is jeans/khaki's with nice tops for boys, and sun dresses for the girls. The same will go for Trevor and I, but it's hard to illustrate what "Napa Valley Dressy Casual" looks like. That's where Pinterest (and Photoshop) comes in!

Cute, right? I know Trev would have never considered this outfit if I just sent the photo of the old man. Have to help visualize, ya hear?

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